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Australia’s economy remains one of the strongest in the world, offering millions of jobs every week.

Australia, the land down under, is an ideal place to enjoy a world class education and an outstanding quality of life. It offers a diverse range of study options for international students, with more than 1.1K institutions and 22K courses to choose from.

In culture, population, climate, geography, and history, Australia is truly a unique and diverse country in every way. An island continent and the world’s sixth largest country, lying between the Indian and Pacific oceans, Australia has 19 listed World Heritage properties. Australia is famous for its ancient geology, high country, as well as its landmark buildings including the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Immigration and visa is the first step to resettle in a new country, a procedure that includes assessment of the prospective immigrant’s education (academic and professional), professional skills, training and experience for Permanent Residency in Australia. Applying for a permanent residency (PR) in any country requires some preparation.

Eligibility Criteria

For immigration to Australia, one may apply for either a student visa or for a work permit, the basic requirements for which are as follows:

  1. Qualified in a profession or trade occupation which appears on the Australian Government’s Skilled Occupations List.
  2. Under 49 years of age
  3. Proficiency in the English language
  4. Recent work experience, in most cases is also required
  5. Health assessment – all applicants must have their health assessed by a panel doctor and undergo a medical examination

Applicants generally have to achieve passing marks in a Points Test which incorporates the basic selection criteria as well as other skill factors for which you can obtain additional or bonus points towards your final score. After graduation, the student can apply for a permanent residency in Australia.

Student visa requirements for Australia

The Australian Government provides an opportunity to all Indian students to study in the country but as a prerequisite, you’ll have to obtain a student visa first. The visa you need will depend on your age, the type of study you want to pursue, and how long you want to stay in Australia.

Cost of studying in Australia

Studying in Australia can be quote affordable if planned well. Remember, it’s not just the tuition fee alone you should be calculating in your budget, there’re a lot more expenses involved when you plan to study abroad. Look at our guide of estimates to help ease your financial budgeting whilst your stay as a student in Australia. Yes, we’ve covered expenses like accommodation, food, health coverage and travel too!

Education system in Australia

With more than 1,100 institutions and 22,000 courses to choose from and consistently top ranked universities, Australian education system makes you ready to take on the world. Here’s all you need to know about it.


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